Some more work done for the Outriders trailer, seen in the director's cut and behind the scenes video.

*All original design and artwork courtesy of People Can Fly

OUTRIDERS Reveal Trailer – Director’s Cut
Directed by Sava Zivkovic
Produced at Axis Animation
Executive Producer – Debbie Ross
Producer – Christian Illingworth
Art Director – Gareth Hector
CGI Supervisor – Paul Rowley
Original Score – Iz Svemira
Client – Square Enix

Steven cormann outriders 03

I was given geo for the walls and vines done by Andrew Averkin, then added vegetation and did the shading + paintover.

Steven cormann sava zivkovic 10 stills 2

Final shot, responsible for background engine matte painting based on provided geometry. Lighting and comp by Aurelien Hulot

OUTRIDERS - Director's Cut